This page has taken a while for me to type I have started and deleted it several times  , I am a perfectionist ,  I know what I like and how I want things to be , that is the control aspect coming  to the fore .My introduction is a small insight to my personality .  I am self assured, down to earth,  spirited , determined , mercurial ( lively , clever and quick ,) not the other meaning ! I also have an inquisitive nature , being a Domme Companion will hopefully enhance  my desires and expectations . With me you can have  a causal  or a romantic encounter  I am intrigued by fetishes /fantasies and people in general .  Romantic gestures appeal to the lady in me , B.D.S.M appeals to the Mistress in me , I  like to combine the two roles . I like to  take a sensual approach to domination . As a MISTRESS and  your Domme companion, behind closed doors,  I will take ownership and control  over you  I will be in charge , think of it as a shift of power   I tend to be attracted to men who are secure  sophisticated, cultivated,  open minded , assertive . witty , GSOH , intelligent , someone who wants to share their interests with me , and someone   who can  make me laugh . You could also have a date with me ( no restraints attached !) which doesn't have to based on BDSM.   I appreciate a well dressed man who is well groomed  great company  someone who understands B.D.S.M which can be a pleasure or a pain ( depends if you have a high pain threshold !)  Being dominated can be an intense , erotic   , sexually charged experience which can leave a lasting impression . If you enjoy and appreciate the wit and wisdom of a sensual mature woman,why not don't you indulge in a mo   Hopefully we will meet soon and become acquainted . I look forward to meeting you . 



Age : 40's            Bra Size : 36 B            Shoe size : 8  

Height: 5ft 4 inches        Hair : my own ( sometimes ! ) 

Eye colour : Light brown    Nationality : British/ Caribbean 

Body type : Curvy               Dress size 16

Bottom :40 inches                Dimples : yes !


 Feeling the sun on my face , cake , listening  to music , quiz programmes ,  reading , bad jokes ,chocolate  chivalry , consideration , Come Dine With Me , 80's cartoons , collecting  coins , flowers, M&S sherbert sweets , Bella Italia's Strawberry Lemonade ,BDSM ,  bubble baths , shortbread, Bette Davis , black and white films  , fashion , leather , latex , talking , go for a walk , history , roast dinners ,  laughing,  iced ring doughnuts , my dimples , Gentlemen, modesty ,  crime documentaries , bagels . pineapple jam , Skittles , singing badly in the shower , sunglasses,  Snickers (nee Marathons ) , hot chocolate , cats , Autumn , cinnamon rolls 

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