Financial domination is a fetish in which a Dominant eg a Mistress will receive gifts and money from a submissive , a form of control  and humiliation, T.P.E ( Total Power Exchange ) ,  its also one of my favourite fetishes .As an Ebony Mistress , I deserve the best and money is an aphrodisiac to me .  We will have a  unique relationship , you will give me what I want and I will take it . To maintain  our relationship I expect you to remember your place as my financial slave ,  to serve me exclusively , to be honest about what you can afford ,to send me tributes on a regular basis via bank transfer , gift vouchers , arrange cash point meetings or shopping trips .

 I adore receiving money , gifts , shoes and lingerie. Having My presence in your life will give you something to focus on , sending  me tributes  will become a natural occurrence to you . You will feel euphoriac  knowing that I am  spending your hard earned money on Myself .  Below is a Financial Slave Application for you to fill in  , I will consider your application upon receiving  £50   gift card  . 


Tick the box that applies to you eg I can make a : 


Submit yourself to financial slavery

Below  are some gift card vouchers ideas . Choose one and send it to
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