YOU ARE .......

You are the head of your household, a leader  assertive,  commanding ,confident , ambitious , successful, intelligent  and  in  control of all aspects of your life ,but  you have an urge ,  to submit to an Ebony Mistress  who will take control of  you,  one that exudes  authority and dominance .  Your cock will twitch , with excitement at the thought of me and the prospect off adding an exciting dimension to your life .  How would you like to serve me ,  locked up in chastity , being my personal ATM or  making regular tributes to your Mistress  .   Once you have made  the decision that you would like to serve me , be consistent . I am very selective about who I will have in my presence , there has to be a connection for me to pursue an interest in you ! I find subs who are indecisive irritating and subs who think with their inferior cocks are too basic for me . The questions below are to ignite an interest   in your thought process :

Do you reminisce about being punished by the cane, but you were secretly thrilled  ?

Do you long to be unleashed from  the constraints of everyday life ? 

Does  the thought  of handing your hard earned money to a Superior Ebony Mistress make you feel inferior ? 

 If what I have mentioned has made your cock twitch or your panties wet  , take a look at  MY SUBS'S GALLERY     or  my  CONTACT ME    page. 


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