• Mistress Ebony Reine

I love it when a plan comes together

What a great catchphrase Hannibal Smith with a cigar in his mouth and the rest of the A-Team working together on the latest mission . I was watching it one day reminiscing about being a child in the 80's . I decided to put that catchphrase as my status on dating site I am on . Instead by mistake , I sent an introduction message to all of the men in my preferred age range . The responses I received have been light hearted , the usual smutty make you flesh crawl replies , to unwarranted abuse eg , you are a frigid whore , fuck you, what fucking plan you idiot and I bet your pussy is nice and tight for me to play with . I replied to them and I gave them a taste of their own medicine , they blocked me . They could dish it , but they couldn't take it .