• Mistress Ebony Reine

The clingy one

Can I see you later on , Mistress , can I come round this evening and serve you orally ( something I will never permit) , Mistress I am going pass your house now , Mistress will you be at home . This particular sub told me he was sitting outside my house waiting for me , once he turned up uninvited , I was livid , I escorted him to his car and told him don't you ever f***ing come to my house again, sod off and find another Mistress. I made sure he got into his car and drove away . He's on a couple of dating sites that I am on , I know its him because he uses the same photo and profile name on the sites . He messaged me and when he realised it was me he said he was looking for a real Mistress , not someone like me I said I was looking for a real sub , one who has the mental capacity not to be a clingy f***wit .