Having been attended to by this lady , I feel compelled to write a short recommendation to assure everyone of her sincerity , ability and  special talents . Our introduction was formal and friendly. Mistress Ebony Reine shook my hand and dispelled my nerves in a very short amount of time. She assured me that nothing I didn't want to happen would happen  and it certainly didn't . Her seemingly accomplished manner made me feel quite comfortable even while having to undress completely in front of her . The proceedings were carried out strictly ,firmly and at times very painfully and but at all times reassuringly carefully during which I felt  highly aroused but also rather humiliated especially when it came to a full body inspection . I have never been over - endowed but she made me feel perfectly adequate and even commented that I had a nice bottom. Mistress Ebony Reine is an accomplished , accurate , sensuous , and a pure delight to encounter . I will be making further appointments. 

 From J